Jamie Mitchell

Test Pilot, Paddleboarding World Champion. In the world of paddleboarding Jamie Mitchell is without question in a league of his own. With 10 consecutive Molokai to Oahu World Championships, the 2012 ISA World SUP Championship Long Distance Gold Medal, numerous US Championships, Winner of the 2009 Battle of the Paddle, Australian Big Wave Award winner, XXL nominee, Eddie Aikau Invitee and other achievements, Jamie has a resume that seems almost fictional. In reality Jamie is possibly the hardest working guy on water and has earned every one of his accolades through dedication, hard work and a love and respect for the ocean. Jamies 20 years of racing experience goes into the design and development of each and every board meaning that even if you haven’t won 10 Molokai’s your board can.

Adrian Birse

Master shaper Adrian Birse has been shaping paddleboards and skis for winners for over twenty years. Adrians shapes have taken out some of the most prestigious paddleboard races in the world including the Battle of the Paddle, Hennessey’s International SUP and paddleboard races, Gold Coast Honolua, The Doctor Stand Up Challenge, Multiple National and World Surf Life Saving Titles and incredibly 10 Molokai to Oahu titles. A former national ski and kayak paddler Adrian knows the difference that the right equipment makes and works tirelessly to continually refine his already world beating shapes.